The most important moment in the preparation of a round-the-world trip is the choice of travel itinerary. You can choose your destinations based on what is most appealing to you and what motivates you on your journey. But, in order for you to prepare your travel itinerary, you need to work from a list of countries to visit and what you expect to discover during your world tour.

How do you define your round-the-world itinerary?

Preparing a round-the-world travel itinerary is the most interesting moment in the preparation of a round-the-world trip. To do so, you should make a list of what you want to see during your long journey: beautiful beaches with fine sands, fascinating volcanoes or the most beautiful rainforests; and this is already the beginning of a dream come true. The countries of Europe and the countries of the American continent are the most visited during a world tour. African countries are the least visited, because it is more expensive, and security is unstable.

How do you choose your round-the-world itinerary?

Choosing your round-the-world itinerary depends first of all on the date of your departure and the duration of your trip. And, all this is related to your budget and your professional availability. If you are a self-employed person, you don't have to worry about the duration of the trip; but if you work for a company, you must make sure that your round-the-world trip ends with your assigned leave. This is why it is important to choose your travel itinerary, taking into account the time frame for your trip, especially if you are on sabbatical.

Features for choosing your travel itinerary

When preparing your world tour itinerary, you should take into account the weather and climate of the country you want to visit; and you should plan your trip accordingly, as there are countries where the weather is always fine all year round and other countries with changing climates. You also need to see the tourist seasons to begin your trip. Going around the world in high season can be expensive compared to traveling in low season. You can also use a round-the-world ticket, which will allow you to travel through the countries on your itinerary without worries.