When leaving for a particular destination, many important details need to be worked out. Among the urgent ones is the plane ticket. Expensive in some cases, its price depends on several factors. Travel agencies have been around for years to help with this. Nevertheless, flight comparators have been around for some time. It is therefore important to know how to use it correctly.

Selecting the right criteria

Ticket prices vary greatly from site to site and from time to time. For example, the value of an airline ticket advertised on official airport websites may be more expensive than that offered by a particular travel agency, or vice versa. In order to save time, it is now possible to use a flight comparator. To do so, simply go to a dedicated application or a flight comparator website. Then, depending on the site, you will first have to tick the important criteria for the traveller. These can be different from one site to another. It is possible to mention for example: the date of departure and return, the airport of departure and arrival, the day of departure. Once done, the comparator then provides a list in ascending order of ticket prices from all sources for the specific flight. Thus, whether through a travel agency or directly on the official website of a company; in a few clicks, the visitor will get the best price.

Redirection to a target site

Please note that it is not possible to book a ticket directly from a flight comparator. Its role is to provide the list without influencing the order of the results displayed the cheapest price on the market on a particular flight. Once this list is displayed, the flight comparator will then propose to the visitor the indispensable links to go to the official websites of the airlines or travel agencies for the reservation.

Permanent warning

When a traveller is due to depart in the coming days, he or she need only consult any flight comparator. Knowing that ticket prices change continuously over time, some comparators even offer predictions of ticket prices. The comparator informs these customers as they go along when the price of their ticket has changed to allow them to choose when to leave.