Travelling and admiring the beauty of our planet are two things to do at least once in a lifetime. The earth contains many plant and animal treasures. To enjoy them, there is nothing better than to travel. However, there are different types of travel: a cultural trip, a Safari, a trip for an exchange...A Safari is a tourist expedition in the national parks in the continent of Africa. The purpose of this trip is to look at the animals in their natural habitat and to take pictures if necessary. Before, this expedition is organized to hunt the animals.

Organize a Safari in Tanzania

Going on safari is a child's dream come true especially if you go to one of the best destinations to organize a safari. Tanzania is one such destination in Africa. The starting point for an expedition to the North is Arusha which has 400 travel agencies. Tanzania has Africa's renowned wildlife reserves with a rich ecosystem and a great preservation of animals. To better enjoy this extraordinary safari in Tanzania, it is important to know the best time to go to Tanzania. There are two periods in the year to better enjoy a safari in Tanzania : . The first period is from January to March . The second period is from June to October It is not that there is nothing to see between these periods, but it is good to enjoy the climate as well as the animals during these periods. But you can visit the parks during the other periods.

Why choose Tanzania for a Safari?

There are many reasons why Tanzania is a better destination for extraordinary safaris. - Tanzania's environment is still unspoiled wilderness, a safari is made for a bit of wildlife. - It has UNESCO World Heritage Parks: Serengeti and Ngorongoro. - Finding wild animals in their natural habitat - A campsite in the middle of nature - A safari and a cultural journey also by meeting the "Masai" ethnic group. - The adrenaline rush of watching animals - Best time to forget about civilization is when you're in the desert for many days.

How long for a Safari in Tanzania?

A duration of 7 nights to fully enjoy the wilderness on this northern side of Africa. It is divided in 2: a short duration of 3 nights to visit the parks and 4 nights for Zanzibar. This duration is enough for a complete visit of the parks and includes some additional visits.